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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Running tally ending Sept 13, 2009


This week I only ran 3 times. It was pretty busy with J*** in town and I had PT one night, worked late on multiple occasions. This doesn't equate a solid running total. I really wanted to do 4 days of running and barely fit in 3. I did the gym one night though.

Below is what I did last week.

DateTimeMileageMin/ MileNotesHR MaxHR Ave
Sept 8, 200941:106.006:51I did the Back Bay with J** one last time before he left. I ran pretty strong. I really pushed it up the steep hill on the last stretch.HR monitor was not reading at all. Need to replace battery in the strap. ------
Sept 11, 200928:134.007:04I ran off Balboa Island and up to Irvine Terrace Park and back. Boring. I hate running on mostly concrete. Not enough light or time to do a decent run tonight. I started at 7:35pm, it was already dark.173 (92%)151
Sept 13, 200946:026.696:52I ran in the DC area around 10:30am. It was in the upper 70s, not totally ideal but not as humid as I thought it would be. I ran along the Potomac River through old town Alexandria. Here for a conference. I could have done 8 but was short on time since I had to meet someone for lunch. Time zone change after the first night is rough. I was up until 3am and slept until around 9:45am. I was hoping to start my run an hour earlier.
week ending Sept 13, 2009---16.69---I wanted to run more than 20 but it was too busy this week. Probably best to rest more. Next week should be better although I am traveling until Tuesday night so may not get the best miles in. ---153 (82%)
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