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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roommate Searching Sucks/Run tally week ending Aug 30, 2009

Craigslist is where I have always found roommates and apartments. It's a great free site but very frustrating sometimes. I have seen some great places advertised only to receive no response whatsoever. I have also seen some CRAZY posts. One such ad said, "NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL, SMOKING, GUNS OR PETS!" Wow, that neighborhood must be really safe if a past roommate felt the need to bring a gun! Needless to say I moved on to the next ad. Then there are the ads that want you to share a room. Um, let me think for a minute...NOT! I'm not 20 years old anymore going to undergrad. I won't share a room. The main issue is there are so many UC Irvine students in this area so they are all willing to share a room near UCI in order to save money.

Then there are the ads Where Every Other Word is Capitalized (???) or WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS. Oh, and I can't forget the ads that say, "Kitchen privileges only" or "no overnight guests". That's just lame. If I am paying money to rent a room in your home or apt, I should have the right to have guests over every once in a while. I should have to right to "live" in the house. I'm not going to scurry over to my room like a mouse to eat my food just to stay "out of the way." If you are going to rent out rooms in your house then you should let your roommates have access to the common areas of the house. I need a home where I can feel comfortable. 

The other thing I can't stand about this process is the fact that it's Aug. 30 and people are STILL looking for Sept 1 roommates. I can't believe people would wait until the very last minute to get a roommate. Since I don't need a place until Oct 1 there have been very few situations that would work. I do have one lead for a place for Oct 1. It's $50 more per month than I am paying now in Costa Mesa. It's a very good location in terms of it being close to Trader Joe's, 24 Hour Fitness and other eateries and cafes. We will see.

I can afford to buy a small condo. I am not ready to do that until J** moves to SoCal. Then we can buy a place together in a more desirable area than I would otherwise afford on my own. I just hate having to go from one roommate situation to the next. Everything is always so uncertain. I almost feel like a nomad. Since college graduation I have lived in 7 different apartments/houses - 4 in Boston, 2 in San Diego and 1 in Newport. It's getting old very fast having to constantly search for roommates online. Hopefully my next search will be a home with J** to live permanently. 


This week was almost identical to last week. I ran a little less. I had 2 PT sessions on Tues and Friday. Next week should be my last week of PT hopefully. The massages on my problem area in my calf are helping, along with the electro-stimulation and ultrasound.

Below is what I did last week.

DateTimeMileageMin/ MileNotesHR MaxHR Ave
Aug 24, 200937:025.287:00I did the Back Bay again. Nothing too exciting. I ran slower. HR was inaccurate for Max. Another misreading. I think I need to wet the sensors more with water before the run. If it's too dry it doesn't read correctly. 156 (84%)---
Aug 27, 200929:023.897:27I wasn't able to run on the Bay Bay due to staying late at work and not having enough time. I ran off Balboa Island a little and my HR monitor was malfunctioning per usual.169 (91%)144
Aug 29, 200951:097.157:09I ran from Balboa Island up through Corona Del Mar, which is a very nice neighborhood of Newport Beach. I ran along roads adjacent to the ocean. It was nice. The temps were in the upper 70s when I started the run and probably low 80s by the time I was done. We have a heat wave here as temps are usually under 80 most of the summer months on the coast. I did a hill/path the went down to the beach called Inspiration Point. Overall I felt good, the pain wasn't too present until the very end and beginning mile. It seems to numb out for a good portion. 171
week ending Aug 30, 2009---16.32---I wanted to run over 20 miles but certain things got in the way. It's ok. I may as well slowly creep up. I won't be able to do much unless I add another day of running. I'll be able to do that next week I think, or the week after. I ran slower this week to not aggravate my calf injury. ------

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