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Monday, August 24, 2009

Possible move and weekly running tally ending Aug 24, 2009

I've now had 3 PT sessions with another scheduled tomorrow night. I believe they are helping immensely. I don't "ache" as much on my runs and I am stretching BEFORE and AFTER running for at least 5-10 min, something I have never really done before. I used to just stretch for like maybe 1-2 min. Now I am more conscious of WHY I need to stretch certain muscle groups, especially my calves. Since my hamstring injury and all the PT I went through earlier this spring, I have done a good job of stretching that muscle group. Below is what I did last week.

DateTimeMileageMin/ MileNotesHR MaxHR Ave
Aug 17, 200937:005.4
6:50I ran along the Bay Bay in upper Newport. I love running here. It is very peaceful and serene. I 158 (84%)175 (93%)
Aug 19, 200940:195.866:52I'm able to run longer distances now. My leg felt ok on this run but was a little sore since yesterday I had PT and the massage is still a bit rough. My HR monitor is screwed up. It read 213 at the beginning of my run. I think battery within the strap needs to be replaced. UGGH158 (91%)---
Aug 22, 200950:017.077:04I was in Huntington Beach so I ended up running along the boardwalk next to the beach. I ran from the Brookhurst intersection on PCH all the way up to the main Pier. Then turned around to face a really bad headwind. I slowed considerably, but was probably good. I was happy to do over 7 miles for the first time in a while. HR still broken but I think the average was correct. 165
week ending Aug 23, 2009---18.33

---A solid week of running, despite not doing over 20 miles. It's just going to take time. I need to focus on the quality rather than quantity. I think I could do over 20 next week. Slowly build. Then the week after perhaps 25?

In other news, I may need to find a new place to live for Oct 1. Not sure yet since my roommate doesn't know if she's staying or going. It all depends on if the owner raises the rent back up. I wanted to stay longer on Balboa Island but my time here is coming to a close I think. It's ok. I have accepted it. I am at peace with it. You can't have it all in life. This coastal lifestyle was bound to end. And it's probably for the best. After I move I can have hopes of surviving a tsunami.

I've been searching for other places at least in the Newport Beach area. I REFUSE to live in Irvine or close to my office. I'll have to fork out an additional $150 to $200 a month if I want to stay in Newport Beach. There are some situations that are less of an increase. I wish my life was settled and I could just buy a place. I can probably do it financially, but there are certain things holding me back from making such a big purchase. I would like to buy something with my significant other. We have to live in the same city first.
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