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Friday, July 24, 2009

Massive Waves Crashing in Newport Beach

I saw the tragic news today about a man who was killed by the waves at The Wedge in Newport Beach. I had to go there and check out the monstrous waves myself.

My friend Ivan and I walked down to the Balboa Island ferry and took it across to the Balboa peninsula to watch the waves. We later grabbed $1 tacos at Great Mex. I love their $1 taco specials every Tuesday and Friday!

Anyway... right now and all weekend there are 15-20 foot high waves/swells over the Newport Beach Balboa peninsula. I took a video that captured the waves crashing against the pier with some even got as high as the floor of the pier. We weren't standing toward the end of the pier, but a lot of people who were got soaked. It was amazing to watch. On the same video I also caught a lifeguard rescue of a swimmer who was trying to get back into shore as a set of huge 15-foot waves pummeled him. He was almost slammed against the pier's wooden stilts. Actual pieces of wood were thrown off the pier by the force of the waves. Actually my roommate's boyfriend got a video of this on his camera. This was an amazing sight.

I am totally going back tomorrow with some friends to get more footage of the waves and hopefully people body surfing at The Wedge - check out a video compilation of body surfers I found on YouTube here. Crazy stuff man. I'm totally wedging out dude.

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