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Monday, July 20, 2009

San Diego Pride - Weekly Running Tally ending July 20, 2009

This past weekend I was in San Diego again for Pride and to dog/house sit. It was a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed being with my friends. I felt like I spread myself out a little too thin though. I never had a chance to truly just chill out. On Saturday morning I rushed down to the parade after searching for a parking space about a mile away. I met up with Ryan, Nima and Sakis, then eventually Alexis. We were there for 3 hours. I took a lot of great photos of the floats, etc. The photo on the left is of Ongina, who was a contestant on the Logo show Rupaul's Drag Race. I loved that show and Ongina! He was robbed of the title and should have made it further than he did.

On Sunday morning Alexis, Ryan and I went to a nice brunch at a private home in the Marston Hills area of Hillcrest. I was so envious of this small craftsman style home. It even had a separate dwelling in the back with vaulted ceilings that served as an office for the owner. I found out he actually works in Solana Beach 2 days a week since he runs a gallery. What a nice life. He can work in the comfort of his own home and just be in charge of his days. I want that so bad. That is my goal for when I get older. I want to have the flexibility to work for myself. Corporate America is very draining, but I have to pay my dues now. When I am in my 40s hopefully I'll escape this cubical way of life.

As for running I had some issues this week with a small injury to my lower inside calf area. I am not sure what it is exactly. I first got this pain in mid-May. Then I had the appendectomy and didn't run for 3 weeks. It is a ligament or tendon that runs along the inside of my right leg but not quite on the shin. It's only on one isolated spot instead of the entire ligament. I felt some moderate pain during my last run (7.1 mile run on 7/16). Then I didn't run Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon. I will skip today (Tues) so I will have 5 days of no running. I did do elliptical yesterday and upper body chest/back weights and abs. I felt good. I think I just need to rest the leg. I iced this weekend and that helped a lot. I did a lot of walking at Pride so at least I got some exercise. Below is my log for the period ending July 20.

Min per Mile
HR Max

HR Ave

July 13, 2009
Barely got a run in on this Monday. Worked late.


July 14, 200929:144.26
I ran in the morning since I was going to do something after work.
178 (95%)

158 (84%)

July 14, 2009
I ran again today since I didn't go to a work function.
170 (91%)

161 (86%)

July 16, 2009
My longest run yet but I developed the pain in my lower calf/shin area. I could still run fast with this slight pain, but obviously I am worried about doing anything longer than 6-8 miles. How will it hold up on a 12- or 20-miler? Going to the doctor Aug 3.
168 (90%)

153 (82%)

Week ending July 20, 2009
Well due to skipping 3 days this period I was well below my goal of 30 miles. I will see how this injury goes after taking 5 days off from running in a row...
172.6 (92%)

157.3 (84%)

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