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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Less Pain and Faster

Today's run was a lot better than yesterday although my heart rate was higher. I ran 4.8 miles in 32:44 for a 6:47 pace. My heart rate reached 179 (96% of MAX!!) but my average overall was 159 (85% of max). I did not feel any abdominal pain during the run. I just had a lot of general pain from a lactic acid build up. Before yesterday I had not run for 15 days so I will be sore this week as I get back into it.

The good news is that the pain I was feeling in my right Achilles area has not come back and my hamstring seems to be fine. I had this Achilles issue for about a month and a half before I had my appendectomy 2 weeks ago. After suffering the hamstring injury while playing tennis in Dec 2007 and going to physical therapy twice in the past year, I believe I have finally kicked this injury. What I have learned: hamstrings take forever to heal, sometimes well over a year. They are stubborn muscles that need time.

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