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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leaving NYC today back to OC

Well, it was quite an interesting trip to New York this time around. I was glad that I was able to spend so much time here, despite the appendectomy. I even worked remotely for 2 days and got a lot done. I feel better and better each day. I am eating solid foods again and think I may be able to exercise in 1-2 weeks. The doctors told me at least 2 weeks post surgery. We will see. I have a follow up appt in Newport a week from tomorrow.

Last night I went to see the movie The Brothers Bloom at The Angelika with my friend and old roommate Leigh Anne. It was an ok movie. I actually had an intense cupcake-induced food coma for about 10 min while watching it. She came over to Nathan's with 6 cupcakes from Royale Bakery. They were so good. We split a chocolate one and some other one. Then after the movie we went to The Hummas Place since I hadn't eaten yet. The whole wheat pitas were nice and warm out of the oven. We got grape leaves and some type of humas with beans on top and a hard boiled egg that was sliced and put in the middle.

Nathan was a grouch yesterday for some reason. Maybe it's all the food he eats non-stop. Maybe he's on his period. Or maybe it's because he realizes he will be forced into the real world on his own in a matter of months! No more being a Manhattan House Husband. Seriously, if Logo or Bravo did any kind of reality show about gay house husbands he would certainly be cast.

Anyway, Nathan said we were going to do something on my last night in the city, but then his friend Eric invited him to an art opening or something in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And for some reason I was not allowed to go (BULLSHIT). We have known each other for over 10 years now. So I can spot a lie from him from a mile away. He just wanted to hang out with his friend by himself and leave me all alone with nothing to do. Anyway, all is good now. We both can be a bitch to each other but we are brutally honest always. I always call him out and he can't stand it.

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