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Sunday, January 25, 2009

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My x-ray from my physical came back with nothing really new to report. There is no break in the bone but he did say that there was bone scarring, whatever that means. He said the x-ray did not change from when I got my foot x-rayed in April 2007 (when I had tendonitis in that foot).

So I decided to run now that my toe seemed to be healed enough. There was no more pain. This data in the chart below comes directly from my Apple - Nike + iPod log.

Estimated Mileage

Jan 14, 2009
Just ran in the AM before work since I had an Italian class at night. I felt ok. Not enough to really evaluate.
Jan 16, 200916:00
I ran on the treadmill at gym after doing elliptical and bike before. It felt pretty good. My toe didn't really hurt too much. My hamstring was ok as well.
Jan 18, 200933:50
It was a nice Sunday morning and very sunny and slightly warm (70s). I averaged 6:52. I felt like I had to work hard on this run. My toes was ok but the hamstring was giving me slight issues.
Jan 21, 200925:42
Ran before work. I had more time soI did more. Averaged 6:46 pace and I felt it. I was working hard. I run faster when temps are cooler. It was probably in the upper 50s. Toe really wasn't an issue and neither the lower back.
Jan 24, 2009
This has been my longest run since mid-December. I had to work hard. I maintained 6:54 pace, which was ok. I was going for around 7:00. I definitely felt pain building in my lower back. Even with all the core exercises I have been doing the last 1.5 weeks I still don't feel great. I at least maintained a good pace, the pace I want to maintain in the marathon. Still, I have a long way to go.

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