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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back pain not getting any better

Well, this past week I ran 4 times. Today I did 7.35 miles in 50:36 for a 6:52 pace overall. 6:52 is the pace I must hold for 26.2 miles if I want to just break 3 hours again in a marathon. I have done this twice in the 10 marathon I have run. My last marathon was way in June 2007 where I finished at 2:57:41. I am no where near the level I need to be right now in order to pull that off.

My hamstring was just not feeling that great throughout the run and then after about 35-40 min, my lower back started to hurt and it got worse as time went on. I have been doing the core ab and lower back exercises for the past 2 weeks and still, no change in how my back feels. I have my second physical therapy appt next Tues. I will just have to wait and see. As of now, the chances of me running Boston are very slim. Maybe I should wait and do the Rock n Roll Marathon here in San Diego on May 31. It will give me more time to prepare and heal.

Estimated Mileage

Jan 26, 200937:07
6:54 pace. I ran after work in the dark and cold up in Poway. It was probably in the low 50s and I all I had was my shirt and shorts and reflective vest. I run better in cooler temps. My lower back was ok. My hamstring was so-so.
Jan 28, 200925:58
6:48 pace. I ran before work. I wore long sleeve and long pants since it was chilly (probably upper 40s). I was surprised I ran as fast as I did. I wanted to go slower, but wanted to get it over with. I was in a time crunch since I didn't want to be late for work. Started the run at 7:15am. I am not a good early morning runner.
Jan 29, 200941:00
7:02 pace. I ran this one after work up in Poway. I didn't feel too great. My hamstring was giving me issues.
Jan 31, 200950:36
6:52 pace. See main comments above.

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