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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Since I moved to Newport Beach I have not had a DVR. We just have the regular cable and probably won't get a box. I still get most of the channels except for Sundance, IFC and Logo. I still get Bravo, TLC, Food Network, etc. I am going through DVR withdrawal. I miss my AT&T U-verse where I could record on the main TV in the living room and then watch those recorded shows in my own room, anytime. I also could I never know what is on TV on a given night. Granted, it's summer so many of my favorite shows are off the air until at least late September. The only thing I would watch is "So You Think You Can Dance". Wait, it's on tonight and I forgot! See, I don't have a DVR mentality anymore. Maybe it's good I don't watch TV as much. I can always watch things on-demand from the various network web sites and sites like Hulu and Joost. I still need to finish watching the two-part finale for "Desperate Housewives".

Speaking of Housewives, I haven't really gotten into any of the seasons except for the original Housewives of Orange County. I think the NJ season is trashy (never watched it) and I never really watched the NYC housewives except for the first season. I am better off. Now, I am living in the OC so I may have an Housewife run in. Will I be hanging out on a deck drinking margaritas with them soon? I don't think I am plastic enough.

They really need a main gay on the show. None of the housewives really have one. Well, I think Jeana has that one mess of a fat gay designer friend. He was the one who didn't pay Vicki the rent on her second home, that Jeana was trying to sell after losing more than half its value. Tell me, how does one make THAT much money selling insurance policies? Vicki is living way beyond her means. I think many of these Housewives are. I'd love to see their expense books. They probably have a lot of debt.

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