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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting sick, Chicago trip, lack of running

I first got that feeling in my throat last Thursday afternoon. I knew this feeling. It's so familiar. A sore throat was approaching. It's always the same cycle when I get sick. I first get a sore throat for about a day. Then I get stuffed up. On the third day or so I then cough up a green slime substance (not pretty). Then it everything turns clear. Then I'm not sick anymore. This happens the EXACT SAME WAY each time.

I was glad the sore throat didn't last long. Thank GOD for the invention of Cepacol's Dual Relief spray. Just one spray will numb your throat for several hours. After initial discomfort, the numbing begins. You are only supposed to spray it once, but sometimes I like to live on the edge and do it twice. It comes in handy at 4AM when you wake up with the feeling that someone is stabbing your throat from the inside out. I wish you could just spray out all the bacteria at once. Maybe someday they will invent something like that - just kill it all. I did take plenty of Emergen-C as well, which I swear by. I used to promote for them for 3 years so I have tons of samples still. It's a vitamin C powder that fizzes when you mix it with water. There are also B vitamins and other minerals in it that give you energy.

I knew I would get sick since I wasn't getting enough sleep on my DC conference trip. The 3-hour time zone change killed me. I think since I never got a chance to adjust. I only got to sleep late one day and then I was up at 7AM (4AM PST) for the next two days. Not a good combination for staying healthy.

I am in Chicago for a tradeshow right now until Sept 24 (Thurs). Miraculously, today I didn't feel as sick. Stay tuned for a review an ice cream place called iCream Cafe, located in the always cool and hip Wicker Park neighborhood.

Given my sickness I only ended up running twice this week. I ran over 7 miles last Saturday even though I wasn't feeling too great. I ended up getting a fever and my head felt like it was going to explode afterwards. Below is my pitiful log:
Min/ Mile
HR Max
HR Ave
Sept 16, 2009
I ran briefly on the treadmill at the gym. I wanted to do 4 but only had time for 2 and I just wasn't feeling it. I am ashamed. I didn't even wear the HR monitor.
Sept 19, 2009
I ran to Corona Del Mar and back. It was sunny and not too hot. I was sick so this run didn't feel the best. I ran slower than normal. My HR was way up but I think it was a misreading.
181 (97%)
week ending Sept 20, 2009
Bad week, I was sick and traveling. I was disappointed. I will have to postpone my half marathon plans to the Silver Strand down in Coronado in mid-Nov. There's no way I can run competitively at the Long Beach half marathon on Oct 11. It's ok, it gives me another month to get my ass in gear.

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