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Monday, October 05, 2009

Oh Canada, I'm too busy to blog

I want to apologize for the lack of posts. I am traveling in Canada for work and then to Indianapolis until Oct 9 and have been swamped with work even after the tradeshow is over. I work way to hard for what I get paid unfortunately. I'm not afraid to write this. I am entitled to my opinion. I think every American worker feels this way at some point. I care about my job and want to do a good job. So I will put in the extra hours. I just hope someone is noticing.

I do have cool stuff to post, but just haven't had the time. I walked around the gay neighbourhood here and had dinner on Church Street. It's where the show Queer As Folk was filmed. I recognized some of the storefronts and sidewalks. I loved that show. I ate a Ginger last night and tonight I ate at DayBreak, which had reminded me of the type of food Deb (Michael's mom) served at the diner - lots of eggs and omelets. I actually had a side of hash browns and a spinach with chicken salad. I so wanted to get the pancakes but at 9PM that would have put me in a coma on the subway back to the hotel.

I wanted to get new running Mizuno shoes before I left but didn't have time. I desperately need them. My body is starting to ache on my runs more. Not good when I am nursing the calf injury (almost completely gone) and my on-going hamstring injury (still not 100% and I doubt it will ever totally feel the same). My motivation to run is just not there, although today I ran along the lake here in Toronto for 6.3 miles. The first half into a bad headwind I actually moaned during it. I was that uncomfortable. UGHH. I hope for better runs soon. Two days ago (Sun) I ran 4 on the treadmill and felt like I was about to collapse. I hate treadmills now with a passion.

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