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Friday, November 05, 2010

Painting and no more back pain

Ughh I said I was going to update this more often and what did I do? I only had one entry in Oct! Not good enough. I am going to try to write more.

Midnight Harbor painting
So I had sort of a Eureka moment at work about a week ago. I went into a meeting and sat in a conference room chair. It was so much more comfortable than the one at my desk. I asked to switch it out. Immediately I noticed the difference. I went running and didn't have any lower back aches. I have had these aches for over a year! I couldn't believe it. I went on to do more runs and still didn't have the pain. I was so happy I discovered this. The difference with the chair is that it has a bump in the back of it. I also started to paying attention to my posture. I try to not lean forward anymore. It's working. Maybe I can get back to the marathon early next year. I think I will try for one in January or February.

As for my condo, I am looking into getting carpet for the two bedrooms. In the meantime I got the painting from my friend Mike Quernemoen. I hung it on the wall and it looks great. The colors really work well for my space - reds, blues, greens, black. They match the FLOR carpet tiles I bought as well.

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