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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Changing jobs again

Ok since the last time I updated on July 1 I had an offer in hand for a contract job. This position was only 25-30 hours a week, but at a good rate that I felt it was worth it to accept. I started the job on July 15. On my drive into work on the morning of July 16, I got a call from a company I interviewed with the week prior to starting my new job. The woman called me on her vacation and offered me a position as an Account Executive for this direct marketing agency. I was very shocked since I didn't think I would hear back about that job until the following week.

Long story short, I negotiated more money and accepted the position. I had to make sure that the background check and drug test was clear before giving notice at my current contract job. Of course they weren't happy, but they couldn't give me a full-time position. The VP had time to ask for the approval from the CEO. She never called him back. So time ran out, and I accepted the new job. I start Aug 11. Things are looking up. I got a new roommate move in on July 24, the painting is complete and I have decided to get new hardwood flooring in the living and dining areas put in. I will write more later but at least wanted to update this since it's been a month since my last entry!
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posted by Anthony at 12:50 AM


Anonymous beth said...

Good for you Anthony! It seems like things are really looking up :)

10:31 AM  

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