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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Almost There

Changes are coming very soon. I just have to hold on and holding on is the hardest part. As of May 31 my lease ends in Orange County. I am not renewing for obvious reasons. My other 2 roommates are also moving one. Luckily when I came down to San Diego this weekend, I talked to my good friend Justin and I will be able to temporarily rent out the loft area in his place. I am so relieved I have a place to live in San Diego before my condo closes. As for the condo itself, I talked with the woman at the escrow company who has been working with the negotiators from the seller's banks. In a short sale the typical process is my real estate agency will have a rep from the escrow company get my offer approved from the negotiators who work for the banks. When I talked to the escrow agent she said they are very close to getting the final approval from the banks. Since the seller has two loans, we already have the approval from the second loan. There is an approval pending from the first loan. They just are waiting on that final approval and some paperwork. So it will happen soon. I hope.

I've been traveling a lot for work these past 3 weeks. I was in Boca Raton in the middle of April (3 nights). Then the following Sunday I went to Cleveland for another trade show (4 nights). Then last week I was in Houston (4 nights). While I was in Houston I had a phone interview for a position at a company in San Diego. I was kind of nervous and I had to do this interview in the exhibit hall lobby. I just told the sales guys that I needed to take a call. It's so difficult to hide. That's the one drawback of looking for a job while employed since I have to lie and sneak around all the time.

This phone interview did not go well unfortunately. The woman I spoke to was this cut throat, I-don't-have-the-time-of-day type of woman. I simply don't mesh well with that type of person. I knew going into the interview that she was this big wig media buying "veteran". The position was for an online media buyer for a life insurance broker. I knew that my marketing background in business-to-business (B2B) technology wasn't a  great match for this position, but I honestly thought that I had a chance due to my experience managing email marketing campaigns. That was essentially the job, just buying placements for their email campaigns and reporting on that data. She seemed to be hung up on the fact that I didn't have enough experience in the high volume business-to-consumer (B2C) market. Making matters worse, she didn't even have my resume in front of her. She never got a clear picture of who I was and with only 20 minutes to explain my entire career and experience, it simply was not enough time. That put me at an extreme disadvantage from the beginning. The HR person apparently didn't forward the resume to her so I ended up paying the price. I can't believe that she would even take my interview without having any information about me other than the application I faxed it.

After I explained my qualifications and past experience, she cut me off during the 2 minutes time period I had left to ask questions. I was caught off guard and just never recovered. I was trying to clarify something listed on the job description. I explained that to her after she rambled on. It seems that since this is a newly created position, they really don't know what they want for the person in this position. So in the end, this position is not a match. I haven't been rejected yet but I am assuming this is the case since I have not heard from the recruiter.

The good news is that I have 2 phone interviews lined up this week for contract assignments in San Diego. One is 8 months long (but pays A LOT more than what I get paid now). The other one is a little lower than what I get paid now. Both positions would be good opportunities just to make some money as I transition back to San Diego. I realize that they are not exactly what I want to do, but the main source of my unhappiness is living in OC. So with that out of the picture I know I will feel better.

I can't wait to walk into my boss's office and just tell him I am resigning. I will finally feel free. I almost did it last week. I wanted to so bad.  I just have to have patience right now and hold on. That is something I have very little of these days. Everything is so up in the air. I just want some stability. It will come. I just have to wait. Good things come to those who wait.
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