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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting better and healing

Well, it looks like I am finally healing. The hamstring injury that has plagued me for the past 6 months is slowly going away. I am glad I was able to finally go to physical therapy over the past 2 months and do all my exercises that he taught me. I am now running 3 times a week. I actually did over 6 miles on Saturday in 47:31. I wore my Polar heart rate monitor and averaged 161 beats per min (bpm), which represents 86% of my max heart rate. On this run I reached a max of 175, but I did that on purpose. Near the end I sprinted some to see how high my heart rate could get. I did have a hard time breathing at times during this run, but it's natural since my cardiovascular system is getting used to running rather than the spin classes and elliptical trainer cardio I was doing before I was able to run.

The other two times I ran this past week were on 6/25 when I ran 30:32. I only averaged 153 bpm (81% of my max heart rate) and maxed at 173. On 6/26 I ran 32:01 but did not wear the heart rate monitor. I need to get new batteries for the watch part and have to have it shipped out to a service center so I will need to part with this watch for a few weeks. I am not sure if I want to do that yet. I may just let it die completely before sending it in.

I ran today only 23 min total. I ran from my car where I parked it to Ballys (my gym) in 11:30 and then after doing upper body weights and my hamstring exercises (that I need to do for therapy) I ran another 11:30 back to my car. I probably shouldn't have run today since I ran yesterday, but it was at an easier pace. My PT said that it's ok to stress my hamstring since the stressing is helping it heal. Still, I probably will take tomorrow off from running and then do a run on Tuesday. That way I can do a Tues, Thurs, Sat run week.

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