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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back pain not getting any better

Well, this past week I ran 4 times. Today I did 7.35 miles in 50:36 for a 6:52 pace overall. 6:52 is the pace I must hold for 26.2 miles if I want to just break 3 hours again in a marathon. I have done this twice in the 10 marathon I have run. My last marathon was way in June 2007 where I finished at 2:57:41. I am no where near the level I need to be right now in order to pull that off.

My hamstring was just not feeling that great throughout the run and then after about 35-40 min, my lower back started to hurt and it got worse as time went on. I have been doing the core ab and lower back exercises for the past 2 weeks and still, no change in how my back feels. I have my second physical therapy appt next Tues. I will just have to wait and see. As of now, the chances of me running Boston are very slim. Maybe I should wait and do the Rock n Roll Marathon here in San Diego on May 31. It will give me more time to prepare and heal.

Estimated Mileage

Jan 26, 200937:07
6:54 pace. I ran after work in the dark and cold up in Poway. It was probably in the low 50s and I all I had was my shirt and shorts and reflective vest. I run better in cooler temps. My lower back was ok. My hamstring was so-so.
Jan 28, 200925:58
6:48 pace. I ran before work. I wore long sleeve and long pants since it was chilly (probably upper 40s). I was surprised I ran as fast as I did. I wanted to go slower, but wanted to get it over with. I was in a time crunch since I didn't want to be late for work. Started the run at 7:15am. I am not a good early morning runner.
Jan 29, 200941:00
7:02 pace. I ran this one after work up in Poway. I didn't feel too great. My hamstring was giving me issues.
Jan 31, 200950:36
6:52 pace. See main comments above.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Latest

My x-ray from my physical came back with nothing really new to report. There is no break in the bone but he did say that there was bone scarring, whatever that means. He said the x-ray did not change from when I got my foot x-rayed in April 2007 (when I had tendonitis in that foot).

So I decided to run now that my toe seemed to be healed enough. There was no more pain. This data in the chart below comes directly from my Apple - Nike + iPod log.

Estimated Mileage

Jan 14, 2009
Just ran in the AM before work since I had an Italian class at night. I felt ok. Not enough to really evaluate.
Jan 16, 200916:00
I ran on the treadmill at gym after doing elliptical and bike before. It felt pretty good. My toe didn't really hurt too much. My hamstring was ok as well.
Jan 18, 200933:50
It was a nice Sunday morning and very sunny and slightly warm (70s). I averaged 6:52. I felt like I had to work hard on this run. My toes was ok but the hamstring was giving me slight issues.
Jan 21, 200925:42
Ran before work. I had more time soI did more. Averaged 6:46 pace and I felt it. I was working hard. I run faster when temps are cooler. It was probably in the upper 50s. Toe really wasn't an issue and neither the lower back.
Jan 24, 2009
This has been my longest run since mid-December. I had to work hard. I maintained 6:54 pace, which was ok. I was going for around 7:00. I definitely felt pain building in my lower back. Even with all the core exercises I have been doing the last 1.5 weeks I still don't feel great. I at least maintained a good pace, the pace I want to maintain in the marathon. Still, I have a long way to go.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Physical

Yesterday (Friday) I went to the doctor for my annual check up. I discussed my several issues. First the hamstring. I told him it is probably 80% healed but has not gotten any better. I wasn't too concerned since now I have lower back pain. He said that if it was a nerve/disc issue I would have shooting pains down the back of my legs as well. I don't. So I felt better about that. I also told him about my toe and the fear that I had fractured it. He said that it's most likely a joint issue or a tendon issue but he will look at the X-rays and call me. He said rarely are there fractures in the actual toe itself. It's usually the bones that connect to the toes (metatarsals).

I have not run since Dec 31. It's been about 10 days. So my toe actually feels great now. There is minimal pain. My back is not hurting anymore. I believe this is because I have not been running. Although, I have been doing core work. I read an article in February's Runner's World that gives 5-6 lower back and abdominal exercises. I have been doing them every day or at least every other day. It discussed that lower back pain following long runs results from a weak core. I admit I only do crushes 2-3 times a week. If I do these better exercises I should be golden. I have not given up hope on Boston yet. I will wait for the x-ray result and if I don't have a fracture I will start to run next week.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Update on injuries

I started training for Boston Marathon in early Dec. My hamstring is better but not 100% yet. After a few longer runs (13.6 & 13.8) I developed a gradual pain in my lower back. It seems it comes in after about an hour of running. I think this is biomechanical. I have taken the last week off from running due to another injury to my left foot. My toe next to my big toe is sore. It may be a stress fracture so tomorrow I have a physical and I will ask for an X-ray. It feels better since I have not run since Dec 31.

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