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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Making Progress

A lot has moved forward since my last entry. I am still in escrow on the condo but I will be signing most likely by Wed of next week. I'll then have the keys next Friday and can officially move in. I am excited, but at the same time nervous. I posted an ad on Craigslist for a roommate. I already got 5 responses and talked to two people. I even met one guy in person. So I'll be able to show it to them next weekend. I still have to get the place painted and the carpets cleaned due to the past owner who is a smoker. Unfortunately he smoked inside the condo. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?? So that's an expense I will just have to deal with. I have to figure out who to hire to paint. I would do it myself but I don't think I would do a good job.

As for the job situation, I am in the interviewing process with 5 different companies. There was a job I interviewed at a sports uniform company that I was perfect for. Unfortunately I didn't get that offer. I think it was due to putting my real salary on the application. I knew the job paid at least $12,000 less per year, but I was willing to take the job since it would have been an opportunity for me to get out of the "box" I am in. This is in reference to only having experience within marketing for technology companies. I would have gladly worked for less pay to get experience within a different industry. Although I don't know the true reason why I wasn't selected, I have a feeling he didn't want to offer me such a low salary.

Last week I had an in-person interview with a company that does radiological software. It went well and I think I will be called back for a second interview this week. Then I had a phone interview with a company that does sampling programs for athletes at various events and other health/fitness oriented facilities. It's a company I have been trying to get a position in for a long time, ever since I moved to San Diego ( They are notorious for low-paying salaries. I purposely put my salary range $10,000 less than what I make now just so I would be able to get an interview. And they contacted me. My screening call went fine. I think I will get an in-person interview out of it.

Then there is another job for a pump/industrial company that I landed an interview for next week. I got this through a staffing agency. The position would be temporary to permanent and pays the same, if not more than what I am making now. I would get to write a lot more, so that is a plus. It's not exactly exciting, but at least I wouldn't be taking a salary cut. That interview will be on Friday most likely.

There is another company who manufactures ordering kiosks at restaurants who wants to interview me in person. I had a very long phone interview with the VP of Sales on Friday. It was great. He definitely wants to meet in person. It's kind of a start-up environment, but the company has been around since 2002. They just haven't done much with their marketing efforts. It's only 25-30 hours to start, but it will eventually go full-time. I really would love to work at this company. I would get to learn and do so much. I would actually get to feel like I have influence on things. I won't be feel like an expendable resource like I do now. 

I got a call from an HR manager from another company I applied to in Feb. They called me in March for an interview and I called them back, but they never returned my call. Then I get a call on Friday from the HR manager. He said the job had been put on hold. Now it's available again. He wanted me to come in for an interview with the VP of Business Development. The company manufactures pool cleaning systems. It's based in Vista, CA, about 40 miles north of San Diego. I asked if I could have a phone interview first. So I have that tomorrow. I am weary since the position is at a manager level. I don't want to waste my vacation time on an interview that may not go well. I want to feel it out on the phone and if there is a good match then go in person.

So I have a lot of opportunities now and I continue to apply to jobs.  I decided I will not quit my job just yet. Even after I sign the papers on the condo, I will wait a few weeks. I am confident I will get one of these jobs so I will be able to quit and feel better about it.  I will just suck it up and commute up to Irvine until I land something. My friend Mahesh is still letting me stay on his couch Mon-Wed nights. I am so thankful for this. He isn't charging me any rent even though I offered. He just wants to help. After next week though, I told him I wouldn't need to stay anymore. I don't want to find a second apt in OC when I won't be there for long. I can just drive or take the train from Oceanside (36 miles north). It's daunting to think about the commute, but San Diego is my home now. At the end of the day I will be returning to my real home, a home that I own. Everything will come together. I just have to remain positive. The positive energy is creating all these opportunities. These next few weeks will be pivotal.
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Decision

So my last entry was 10 days ago. I was going to decide if I was going to purchase the condo or not. I had to sign and then send in the paperwork so my loan consultant could order an appraisal and basically get the process started. I did decide to sign the documents. Last Saturday (5/29) I had the home inspection done. Everything went well. There were no major issues with the condo. I spent time with the inspector going over all this observations. I will be receiving a full report tomorrow.

After all this, I still am having major doubts about owning this condo. Part of me has never had such responsibility before. I should embrace it though, but it's really difficult for me to do that. I know I am close to the finish line now. It will only be a few more weeks before I can close. I don't have a firm date yet, but it should go through as soon as the underwriter at the bank reviews my application.

It's extremely difficult to stay focused at work. I haven't been able to really be productive for weeks. My mind is preoccupied with the condo, trying to get a new job and just how much I don't enjoy what I'm doing for a living. Given that, last week I applied for a Field Organizer position for a gay political group. I got a call the next day from the executive director and we had a short, but good conversation.  I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow (6/1) in downtown San Diego.

This job would definitely be a huge cut in pay, but it could open a lot of doors for me. It's essentially becoming an activist. I thought this was the track I wanted to be on back in 1998 when I graduated college. I wanted to work in some capacity for gay rights. I was very motivated, but after working on a congressional campaign in Portland, OR I became disillusioned with politics overall. I regret that I didn't move forward with it then. I have a much different mindset now.  Could this be my chance to actually do something important and fix a past regret? I am not going to live life with regrets anymore. I have to move forward and have no fear. Fear is what drives a lot of my decisions and I can't let it win.

A huge reason why I am moving back to San Diego is to try to get back the life I used to have here. I want the condo since it will establish some stability in my life. I have now lived in 8 different apartments since 1999 and had 23 roommates. It's time to be an adult and at 34 I am ready. I know the job search will be difficult but I am definitely resourceful enough to pull it off. I can do this. I just have to believe in myself. Although I have a lot of doubts right now, I think they will pass. I fear that I will blow though a lot of my savings once I leave my job. I just want stay and look for new work. I tried it for 4 months and it has lead to no job offers. I've had interviews and have come close, but still cannot land a new job. I honestly think that I'll have much more opportunities once I have the time to actually apply and look for jobs. I have been applying and searching but there are only so many hours in the day.

I never heard back about that Carlsbad contract job. I'm upset since the recruiter said they are hiring 5 positions. I thought for sure I would get one of them. It's been over 2 weeks since I had the interview. I just have to move on and hope there are other opportunities out there that the agency represents.
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