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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

More new furniture...Almost complete

My dining table and queen bed/frame/box spring was delivered on Friday. I was so happy. I was little worried that they were going to not arrive and I was going to be scammed. I had never just paid cash for furniture before, but I did have a receipt. I have not been in the furniture market before other than buying used stuff on Craigslist, so this was a change. It was exhausting trying to find just the right items. In the end, I did find some great items and spent within my overall budget. It's all coming together now. I was happy with the table and padded chairs. I like the dark wood look. It contrasts with the white walls and bamboo flooring. I couldn't get a huge table due to the space constraints of the room.

As for the bed, I haven't had a real bed to sleep on since May. I have been sleeping on my queen size Aerobed for the past 3 months. Now it's amazing to have a real bed again. It's so thick and sturdy. This bed will surely last years. So glad I made the investment.

The other items I got on Friday were these great bar stools. They were only $65 each and I paid cash for them so there was no sales tax. Such a great deal. They are adjustable in height. Since my counter is 42" high, these go up to 30" so it's perfect. I can even use them as extra chairs to have at the dining table if I ever have the need. I really like the chrome look, the shininess of them.

On Saturday after going to the beach we headed to go to Jerome's to buy the couch I had my eye one since the first day I went couch shopping. It was the only couch I ever really wanted out of the probably 100s I had looked at in the previous weeks. Then we came across this other store called Metro Decor and they had so many great custom made couches and other modern style stuff. I ended up getting a couch and coffee table with delivery and tax for just $721. These prices were incredible as many of the items were marked down from like $900. Now I just have to wait a week or so and it will be delivered. They have to make it up in LA and then it gets sent down. I got the color red, so I am taking a chance with the color but it really fits in well with my place and the bamboo floors and white walls.
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