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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roof repairs complete, patio repair and a TV blog

Just a short update since I have neglected the blog. I am thinking of starting another blog entirely, all about TV. I am working on a name for it and I will purchase a domain name so there is not ".blogspot" in the URL. It's a work in progress. I will have to really be dedicated to blogging if this TV blog is going to work out. I think I can commit the time and energy since I certainly watch enough TV. I not ashamed to admit I love watching TV. There is so much stigma sometimes. People don’t want to openly admit they watch TV or even certain shows. I have no shame. I embrace pop culture and it makes me happy. Just like some of my friends enjoy binge eating to make them happy, I enjoy TV! There, I said it! 

So back to the roof. The repairs started April 14 and they were completed April 22. Total cost: $7,895. I had to call the project manager a few times to make sure they repaired all areas that I specified. As it turned out, if I did not call, they would have missed an entire section! You have to have trust. I cannot get up on the roof with them to make sure they are doing the repairs correctly.  Well, my neighbor and I got on the roof to look at everything this past weekend. It was very scary getting up there. Going up the ladder was terrifying. My legs were wobbly and my heard was racing. One false move and I would have been dead. That is no joke. There is no easy way to get up there and this ladder did not feel secure. 

The re-done patio and door repair will cost $8,855 total. We now may need to completely replace the sliding door. A door and window specialist who came with a contractor said this was the worst case scenario. It's going to be a big hit to our reserves but the condo management company who handles our finances said that we do not need to do a special assessment since we will still have enough minimum reserves left. 

Of course we still need to pay out of the reserves for all of the walls and ceilings that need to be put back in. I will be so happy once it is all complete. I am so paranoid about the patio not being waterproofed correctly, but we are getting a 5-year warranty. I trust this contractor since he was referred by a trusted contractor of the condo management company. So we shall see. It's a shame all these repairs are happening now. If the board had kept up with things and were sensible and didn't take shortcuts, we wouldn't be in this situation now. 

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Almost there (quick update)

The roof repairs are supposed to start tomorrow (April 13). I hope they do show up. They were supposed to start two days ago. Also, the roofers did put in a bid for the patio REPLACEMENT that was only $3500, compared to the other contractor who quoted $7800, over double the price. Yes, you read correctly. They will have to replace the patio and re-flash the sliding door, take it out, put it back in, etc, etc. It's a big job. They will have to take out all the concrete and even the plywood underneath it. Then after that job is done I can finally have my ceilings and walls put back in. I hope this all happens within the next month. I cant believe my walls and ceilings have been opened up since late December. I had a feeling back then that this was going to last well into the Spring and I was correct.
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